Two poems by Tracey Scott-Townsend

Thank you to Kirsten Luckins, for including two of my “Postcards from the Van” on the Celebrating Change Blog.

Celebrating Change

In the wake of our short season of ‘changing home’ poems as selected by Clive Birnie, we’re making the executive decision to feature just a handful more poems that were mentioned honourably in dispatches! Here are two from Hull-based poet, author and publisher Tracey Scott-Townsend, which contrast living in a van with the lure of bricks-and-mortar.

Marsh Tide

When we parked the van it was beside salt marshes.
Later, on our return, the sea had flowed onto the land,
Obscuring ditched slices of green.
Where before, sheep had grazed,
Restless water now raced so close to our van it appeared, from the window
That we were on a boat.
As darkness fell I knelt with my arms on the sill,
Fixated on the rushing tide.
The dogs dozed on the bench beside me,
While gentle snores rose from the bed behind.

House Viewing

History’s croft lines are visible on…

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‘As free as a caged bird…’

I just wanted to share this wonderful review on @books_b_t_story’s blog of And the Swans Began to Sing, by Icelandic author Thora Karitas.


Good morning all, I am on another Random Things blog tour today! And The Swans Began To Sing by Thora Karitas Arnadottir is out January 10th 2019!


Gudbjorg Thorisdottir is born into a happy Icelandic family in 1952, the second child of loving parents and followed by three further siblings. They live upstairs in Mörk, a painted corrugated iron house in Reykjavik that has been in the family for generations. Their home is dominated by Gudgjorg’s grandfather, who lives in the ground-floor apartment with her aunt, uncle and cousins. Next door to Mörk is Little-Farm, the original old stone house with a coal cellar that Gudbjorg calls the Black Hole.
Gudbjorg is frightened of the Black Hole because horrible things happen down there. She lives with a secret that she can’t tell anybody, because Grandpa says that her family will lose their home if she does. Grandpa buys her…

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