#TenThings about Tracey Scott-Townsend #SeaBabies @authortrace @wildpressed

I enjoyed sharing thoughts and memories on Joanne’s blog.

Portobello Book Blog

I’m delighted to welcome Tracey Scott-Townsend to the blog today with a fascinating and very personal #TenThings, accompanied by some wonderful photographs.

Ten Things about Tracey Scott-Townsend

1- I am Mother.

For six years it was to a Little
Girl Lost. In my imagination, I left her on the last walk I took during my
six-month pregnancy, along the clifftop at Kilnsea in the East Riding of
Yorkshire, on a path that has now been swallowed by the sea. My only memorial
to her is the mudflats, the river beach and the wild sea itself. And everything
I write. Six years afterwards I gave birth to Felix, in the same hospital. The
old maternity hospital in Hull is now a ruin and they’ve built a new(ish)
maternity unit attached to Hull Royal Infirmary. But memories are never
swallowed by the tide of years as land is by nature and the…

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