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Today I welcome onto my blog author Mike Sahno, as part of the blog tour for his new release, Whizzers. Find out more about Mike and his book below.


Mike Sahno

One of the things that interests readers most is why an author writes. What place does it come from? What’s the inspiration? Is it autobiographical? I don’t think too many authors wonder such things about their own favorite writers, but who knows. I might be wrong.

A few people have asked me some personal questions relating to my own work, and I’m afraid the answers I have given have often been elliptical at best. “There are autobiographical elements to certain characters here and there, but it’s really fiction.”

Whizzers is different. The main character is a fictionalized version of yours truly, with some directly autobiographical elements not only from my own personality, but also from recollections of life experiences. I also drew on the life experience of other people close to me. I’d rather not write too much more about it, as I run the risk of creating spoilers ahead of my own book’s publication. Suffice to say that most of the characters in this next novel are close to my heart, and some have lived there for many years.

It’s always impossible to guess what kind of reception a novel will get, but I’m more than a little interested in what kind of reception Whizzers will get. I think the characters are so close to the bone, they’ll lift the book higher than anything I’ve done before. But maybe the subject matter will do so, too. Whatever the case, I’m excited to see what happens with it!


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A recovering alcoholic, Mike, discovers his six-year-old cousin, David, travels through time as a whizzer to bring comfort to those in need. Mike soon finds himself along for the ride, and while he gets the opportunity to bring solace to some of his greatest heroes, he must also confront his own greatest demons.

PAPERBACK: 194 pages
ISBN: 978-1-944173-10-4

About the Author

Mike Sahno began writing stories at an early age. In high school and college, he was Editor-in-Chief of the campus literary magazine. He won several awards for his work. After earning his Bachelor’s from Lynchburg College, he went on to complete his Master’s in English from Binghamton University, at the age of twenty-four.

Mike held several management positions in different companies, including Director at a market research firm, and Assistant Vice President at a Tampa mortgage company. He also taught composition at college level.

He became a full-time professional writer in 2001. During the following years, he wrote more than 1,000 marketing articles on a wide range of topics. Several of his articles won Addy Awards in 2008 and 2010.

Mike founded Sahno Publishing in 2015. Though originally created to publish his work and that of other literary fiction authors, Sahno Publishing has dramatically expanded its focus to include speaking, and ghostwriting for entrepreneurs. Sahno has released an updated version of his third novel, Miles of Files, a short story collection called Rides From Strangers, and the 2019 novel WhizzersBUY HERE




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