Morag’s House

For the whole of this month, we’ve been touring Scotland in our small camper van. Our favourite place of all are the islands of Lewis and Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. Here’s an exclusive preview of one of the poems you’ll find in the first volume of Postcards from the Van, which will be released by Wild Pressed Books in November. The house in question is one Phil and I both fell in love with, and discovered we’d been there before when we parked next to it in our old van and stopped to have a cup of tea, in 2014.

Morags house

Morag’s House. Photo (c) Tracey Scott-Townsend

Morag’s House

Empty house at the end of the land, where Morag lived for many years.
They tell us she loved her sheep, kept them with her in the house
Had a parrot cage, especially for the lambs.
She loved her sheep; a few of them still hang around.
We first saw Morag’s house four years ago, she would’ve been in it then.
The post van called while we were there but I don’t think we saw Morag
I wish we had because we’ve heard so much about her since:
Morag was a lovely woman,
Didn’t get on with her cousins,
Never needed a man to fix her roof.
From Morag’s house you can watch sea otters
Rolling, splashing and dipping in
The ever-changing colours of the water
At the foot of her garden –
I wonder if they know that Morag’s gone.

© Tracey Scott-Townsend 2018. All rights reserved.


The sea in front of Morag’s house. Photo (c) Tracey Scott-Townsend

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